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Okay CelebrityClothingLine readers, we know you’re yearning for a new celebrity line and guess what, give a huge applause for Grammy Award-winning singer, Alicia Keys, who finally decided to launch her own jewelry line titled in collaboration with The Barber’s Daughters. Although the line will only be available to the public, Fall 2010, the collection was launched at a temporary shop at Collette Blanchard Gallery at 26 Clinton Street in Lower Manhattan.

Alicia Keys partnered up with jewelry designer Gisèle Theriault. Theriault sold her jewelry to Keys’ bandmates and when Keys saw what was being sold, she knew she wanted in.

“I fell in love with the individuality of the pieces, but more than that, the words that were written on them really resonated with the songwriter in me. I knew at that moment, for the first time, that through a whole other medium I would be able to spread inspiration and that’s what got me started.”

WWD reports that the collection is comprised of sterling silver and gemstone pieces, each inscribed with poetry and prayers of Masaru Emoto, the author of “The Hidden Messages in Water”.  You’ll LOVE the poetic touch and we’re not just playing with words here.

Jewelry design has always been something Keys wants to be involved in. She recently started AK Worldwide, a company that will handle her nonmusical endeavors. She stated:

“Jewelry is a great first step. I think accessories are exceptional, because it is a simple way for people to express their own style.”

Expressing your own style via The Barber’s Daughters will cost you between $85 up to $2,500. We think that’s kinda wide for a price range, but when you see what they’re like, maybe you’ll agree with us that the line deserves a chance. Check out the full collection at www.thebarbersdaughters.com, but here’s a sneak peek.

Alicia Keys Jewelry 01

Alicia Keys Jewelry 02

Alicia Keys Jewelry 03

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