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We’re not haters, but this is something that made our jaws dropped a little.  Remember Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from the Jersey Shore?  Well, if he’s coming out with a clothing line, what do you think it would be?  Board shorts?  We thought so too until we read a report from TMZ that the Jersey Shore star came out with his own line of…


Seems a bit out of character, but okay.

If that isn’t a shocker enough, it’s rumored to be worth six figures.  Introducing a New York-based tux maker: FLOW Formal, who wanted “The Situation” to be its spokesperson due to the company’s wish to reach younger audience.  CEO Brian Weintraub said:

“This is great for us and great for the industry. [Tuxedos have] become an old man thing.”

Well at least the kids now knows what to wear for prom, as “The Situation” (that’s what the line is called) includes tuxedos, slim-fit shirts and accessories.  The tuxedo line has been available since February and “The Situation” is currently shooting the commercial for the line.

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