Rumor of Al Reynold Spokesperson for Under Armour FALSE!

We reported the other day that Al Reynolds was the spokesperson for Under Armour after a post from YBF supported the fact.

Under Armour False

I just received an email from a spokesperson from Under Armour’s PR and it says the following:

I’m a public relations representative for Under Armour, from Deutsch, their PR agency, and wanted to clarify what has been reported. Al Reynolds is not a spokesperson for Under Armour nor is there any business relationship of any kind between the Under Armour brand and Al Reynolds.


I did a few Google searches and Tai is an official PR person for Under Armour and confirms that the rumors are all FALSE.

You heard it here on CCL first.

Horrid Ads from Victoria Beckham’s Marc Jacobs Campaign

I know maybe I’m being a little harsh and not seeing the artistic creativity going into the campaign Victoria Beckham and Marc Jacob have been parading about, but this new ad is just something…horrible:

victoria beckham marc jacob ads

Dunkin Donuts Yanks Scarf Right Off Celebrity Chef Rachel Rays Neck

Why are businesses starting to have a conscious these days? The world is definitely changing. Dunkin Donuts has pulled all ads from online containing celebrity chef Rachel Ray endorsing their iced coffee.

Why? Because of a DAMN scarf! Many US bloggers were complaining that the black and white scarf she was wearing in the advertisements, which was similar to the kaffiyeh, a scarf commonly worn in the Middle East…and we all know the problem with that.

Michelle Malkin a popular blogger had the following to say:

The kaffiyeh “has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad,”
“Popularized by Yasser Arafat and a regular adornment of Muslim terrorists appearing in beheading and hostage-taking videos, the apparel has been mainstreamed by both ignorant [and not-so-ignorant]fashion designers, celebrities and left-wing icons.”

You can take a look at the ad below and make your own judgement.

Rachel Ray Controversial Dunkin Donuts Ad

Should Dunkin Donuts have pulled the advertisement?

Josh Hartnett Endorses Emporio Armani Diamonds pour Homme Fragrance

Josh Hartnett Endorses New Armani Fragrance

Actor Josh Hartnett is said to be the new face of Armani’s new fragrance Diamonds pour Homme according to MiMifroufrou.

Diamonds pour Homme will be released this Summer according to a US and September 2008 is the word from a French source. It is said to be the men’s version of Emporio Armani Diamonds, which is endorsed by none other then Beyonce.

Josh actually had some influence in the creation of this fragrance unlike most who are just mere endorsers of a brand, because Giorgio said he’s been admiring him for sometime and had the following to say about the collaboration:

“Both on and off screen he has a charm and charisma that is magnetic. His individuality, allure and nonchalant way of being are all qualities which inspired me in the creation of this new fragrance.”

Snoop Dogg’s Rich N Infamous Online Store?

Looks as if there may be someone who is acting as Snoop Dogg’s Rich N Infamous clothing line or not?

You be the judge here is a website that appears to be the online store for Snoop Dogg’s Rich N Infamous clothing line.

Here is the logo from the site for Rich-N-Infamous clothing:

Rich & Infamous Logo

Bun B The Trillest Rocking LRG In PhotoShoot

Photos of Bun B (Rest in Peace Pimp C) wearing LRG for a magazine shoot:

bun b LRG clothing magazine

31 Flavors Shades, Hats, and Collared Shirts from Rocawear

Below are photos from Rocawear ads of their 31 Flavors campaign which features some Kool-Aid colored shades, hats and collared shirts:
31 Flavors Rocawear Shades

rocawear flavors polo 31

31 Flavors Caps From Rocawear

Maurice Jones-Drew LRG Spring/Summer Advertisement

Here is a photo from Maurice Jones-Drew Jacksonville Jaguars running back in a LRG clothing Spring/Summer Advertisement:

maurice jones drew LRG clothing

Vanessa Paradis New Spokesmodel at Miu Miu

vanessa paradis miu miu

Besides Vanessa Paradis being the new face at Miu Miu…they make great sunglasses :) .

I guess Miu Miu (Sister brand of Prada) being a new brand doesn’t need an A-List celebrity to represent their line. They recruited Johnny Depp’s girlfriend and French actress/singer Vanessa Paradis as the face of their high designer brand.

Kirsten Dunst was the previous face at Miu Miu and her ad campaign was shot by photographer Mert Alas and Marcus Pioggott and they will be in place for Vanessa Paradis’s autumn campaign.

Christian Dior Drops Sharon Stone From China Advertisements

sharon stone china comments

Christian Dior didn’t like the comments Sharon made in a recent interview at Cannes Film Festival about the earthquake in China where Stone said:

“I’m not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else. And then all this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and I thought, is that karma — when you’re not nice that the bad things happen to you?”

Dior went on to state that:

“In light of the negative reaction that Sharon Stone’s inappropriate remarks have triggered, Dior China has decided to immediately cancel and stop any advertisements, marketing campaigns and commercial activities associated with Sharon Stone. We don’t agree with her hasty, unreflecting remarks and we deeply regret them. We just want our customers and fans to realize that her personal comments are not related to the company and of course we don’t support any type of commentary that will hurt the feelings of our customers.”

Basically one celebrity doesn’t sail this boat and we will not lose money or jeopardize business over Sharon’s ignorant statement. Dior has pulled all of their advertisements featuring stone from China due to her remarks about the earthquake happening because of bad karma.

Hmm…Sharon I guess karma is a bitch and two wrongs don’t make a right.

I wonder if they left the advertisements up in the US?