Kylie Minogue to Release Fashion Retrospective Book


Kylie Minogue has been known for her bright career in the entertainment world, and since her first appearance, it’s now her 25th year as a performer! To celebrate and commemorate her quarter of a century of being in the spotlight, Kylie will release a book featuring 25 years of fashion throughout her career.

Kylie told Vogue:

“This book charts my relationship with some of the most talented people in fashion throughout my career. It makes me very proud to see gathered together all the great designers and houses I’ve worked with over the years. Looking through my personal archives has been a real trip down memory lane and it is the fashion that brings back moments and memories of the last 25 years.”

The book features Kylie Minogue’s style retrospect, which includes her many stage costumes and outfits she donned in her music videos. Still can’t get over how dramatic her Grecian-inspired designs from her Aphrodite world tour? Or probably the white catsuit from the “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” video? You’ll find them all in the book. Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier wrote the foreword of the book that is titled Kylie/Fashion, and in it you’ll also find commentaries from Kylie Minogue and her creative director, William Baker.

Kylie/Fashion will be released November 19, however you can pre-order now via Amazon.


Smells Good: Robert Pattinson for Christian Dior Fragrances


Just in time for his mega-hit movie to launch, Twilight actor Robert Pattinson scored a mega-deal with cosmetics giant, Christian Dior. Pattinson will star in a series of ad campaigns for Dior’s line of men’s fragrances. The perk is: he’s doing it because he likes the brand.

We’re jealous!

The deal is being estimated closely worth to $12 million for three years. And that, darling readers, is WAY higher than what Brad Pitt received for his Chanel No. 5 fragrance deal. Pitt only received $7 million.

Ouch to Brad Pitt.

Pattinson joins other celebs who have endorsed Dior’s fragrances like Natalie Portman—who you might still remember appeared topless in the ad last year, Charlize Theron, and Jude Law.

Congrats, Robert Pattinson!


Ke$ha Launches Baby-G Jewelry



It could be Halloween doing this to her, but while we can’t explain her eye makeup, we can explain what Ke$ha was doing. The singer was promoting her latest watch design collaboration with Baby-G at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills Monday night, wearing what appeared to be a top and very short… shorts.

Ke$ha has been Baby-G’s brand ambassador since last year, and this time she’s showing how the sporty watch can blend into a jewelry piece. She spoke about her collaboration with the watch giant:

“I think the Baby-G brand is amazing it’s stylish, innovative, durable and affordable. The bright colors and metallic finishes really compliment my moods and personality.”

About the new design she was wearing, Ke$ha told journalists:

“I have some fun ideas for my watches and I am so thrilled that I am the first worldwide female artist to be given the opportunity to design my very own Baby-G!”

If you’re looking for more Baby-G fun, here are some ideas.

Casio Women’s BGA116-7B Baby G Multi Color Dial and White Resin Strap Watch, $94.99

Casio Women’s BG169R-4 Baby-G Pink Whale Digital Sport Watch, $79.00

Casio Women’s BG169R-7B Baby-G Clear Whale Digital Sport Watch, $59.99

Kardashian Sisters Threatened With Lawsuit Over “Khroma Beauty” Makeup Line

Globe Photos via ImageCollect
Kourtney,Kloe, Kim Kardashian celebrate their first Anniversay of their Fashion line''Kardashian Collection''

Globe Photos via ImageCollect

The Kardashian sisters have put the K stamp on virtually everything in the fashion world. As they are branching out to the beauty realms with the plans to launch their own makeup line called “Khroma Beauty,” the reality darlings are threatened with a lawsuit.

Michael Rey, co-owner of “Chroma Make Up” in Beverly Hills told TMZ that it has taken him years to build up a list of A-list clientele, and the upcoming release of the Kardashian sisters’ “Khroma Beauty” will lower the class of his products by association. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe are planning to sell “Khroma Beauty” at lower-end stores such as CVS and Sears.

Rey has hired a legal team and they’re waiting for the Kardashian sisters to change the name of their “Khroma Beauty” makeup line before they have to take legal action. Rey also claimed to have written to his clients with the hope they’ll be convinced that his Chroma products have nothing to do with the Kardashian’s “low-budget cosmetic products.”

Any thoughts?


Kate Middleton Inspires Essie’s Holiday Nail Polish Set



The hardest part of being Royalty is that you’re supposed to inspire people in every aspect of life… including fashion and beauty. Kate Middleton has inspired a lot of people through what she wears, from clothes to shoes, and now she’s branching out to beauty and she has inspired nail polish brand Essie, for its holiday nail polish set.

Essie releases a holiday nail polish set in six shades, all inspired by Kate Middleton and guess who else: Queen Elizabeth. The witty-named colors include “Where’s My Chauffeur” (matte turquoise), “She’s Pampered” (classic red) and “Beyond Cozy” (glittery gold).

Essie Weingarten of Essie nail polish said:

“It’s one part Queen Elizabeth, two parts Duchess of Cambridge. They don’t mince words and never mince color.”

This is not the first time the royals inspired nail polish brands. Butter London has also released shades for the Queen’s Jubilee and Kate-William’s engagement.


Finally: Drew Barrymore to Create Beauty Line for Wal-Mart



Oh finally! We’ve always been a fan of Drew Barrymore, but the new mom doesn’t really jump into the celebrity fashion bandwagon just yet. However, her involvement with beauty label “Cover Girl” has proven to be lucrative over the years since 2007.

Now the actress is rumored to have been tapped by Wal-Mart to start creating her own beauty line, since her contract with P&G’s Cover Girl will end in January. Barrymore is said to have been collaborating with Italian-based Intercos, the leading supplier of color cosmetics, make up and skin care products.

If things go smooth, this won’t only be Barrymore’s first foray into the beauty business on her own, it will also be the first full makeup brand developed from scratch exclusively by Wal-Mart.

We’re excited. Will you be buying Drew Barrymore’s Wal-Mart beauty line if it’s available?

Monica and Penelope Cruz to Launch Lingerie Line for Agent Provocateur


As the saying goes: never trust a skinny chef, you also must never trust unsexy people to design your lingerie, Ladies. And that’s where the Cruz sisters come in. Actress Penelope Cruz and her sister, Monica, are teaming up with lingerie giant Agent Provocateur to design their own line within the brand called L’Agent.

The L’Agent collection will feature bras, briefs, thongs and corsets, totaling in 15 styles and guess what… they’re totally affordable. You can get the collection with an average price of $64, while the usual average price at Agent Provocateur is $152.

This is not the first fashion foray for the sisters. Back in 2007, they designed a collection for Mango, and this time they’re delving into sexier territory. Penelope Cruz stated:

“It is so exciting for me and Mónica to embark on this new adventure. We have always been huge fans of Agent Provocateur and both of us are very much looking forward to this long-term collaboration. We feel extremely happy to become part of this great team.”

So will it be a one-off gig? Garry Hogarth, CEO of Agent Provocateur said:

“It’s a long-term partnership with an option to extend. They told us they really wanted to be part of the Agent Provocateur family. For us, everything just felt right.”

Sounds about right to us as well!

The L’Agent collection will debut in August 2013.

Thank You, Mitt Romney. Big Bird is Hot This Halloween!

Globe Photos, Inc. via ImageCollect

Globe Photos, Inc. via ImageCollect

Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, apparently made a huge splash on this year’s Halloween costume department. After his comments that made Big Bird the symbol of his fight against government spending, Big Bird costumes flew off the shelves of companies licensed to sell the Sesame Street character’s Halloween costumes.

CNNMoney reported that after the debate that took place on October 3rd, Google searches for the phrase “Big Bird costume” increased by 600%. The costume industry rejoices at the dramatic increase in demand, as said by Maddie Gerety, brand manager at Disguise, the official licensee and supplier of Big Bird costumes for kids and adults:

“This has absolutely become our biggest year ever for Big Bird costumes. If only we had a crystal ball to predict this was going to happen.”

Big Bird costumes are priced at $39.99 to $89.99. Although chances are slim, you might still be able to get your Big Bird costume just days before Halloween.


Emma Roberts: New Fashion Adviser for Snapette!


Actress Emma Roberts has always gotten her own signature style. It was just a matter of time before she was asked to be a fashion adviser. And she was! Harvard alumni Sarah Paiji and Jinhee Ahn Kim, who created the location-based social shopping app, Snapette, tapped Roberts to be the app’s fashion adviser. Roberts will be the app’s featured user who will post photos of her fashion hauls. Sounds like a fun dream job!

Roberts explained Snapette:

“You can upload photos like on Instagram, but then it’s also like Yelp in a way — that you can find what stores are nearest to you, which is awesome. It’s great, because I’m always the kind of person that’s like, ‘Where did you get that?’ ”

Aside from showing off her fashion knack, Roberts will also be sharing her thoughts on the app’s blog. Apparently Snapette doesn’t only partner with Roberts and various boutiques, the app also partnered with renowned designers like Vince Camuto, Diane von Furstenberg and more!

Snapette is currently available for iOS via iTunes for free, and starting October 23  available for Android devices as well.

Introducing Justin Bieber: New Face of Adidas’ NEO Line

Image Collect

Image Collect

Justin Bieber is endorsing a new line from Adidas: NEO. This came as no surprise seeing that he’s been rocking gold Adidas kicks throughout his Believe tour! The teenage heartthrob will be the spokesperson as well as the new face of NEO and he couldn’t be more excited about it. Bieber stated:

“I found a real connection with NEO because it is about fashion, freedom and being true to who you are.”

The new Adidas NEO is throwing an online scavenger hunt with a huge prize for Justin Bieber’s fans. All you have to do is look for the golden kicks he wore on the tour online, break clues and if you’re successful you can enter a special code for a chance to deliver the shoes yourself to Bieber in Miami. How cool is that? Here’s Bieber telling you how:

Bieber’s two-year contract with Adidas NEO will kick-off with the Spring/Summer 2013 campaign that will be released in February 2013. If you follow Bieber on any social media channel, be prepared to receive the latest news of the products as well!