Ke$ha For Casio Baby-G


Amazing how the song “Tik Tok” has landed Ke$ha, a new pop sensation, worldwide recognition. And it’s even more amazing to find out that watch giant, Casio, also drawn to the starlet’s power. The watchmaker held an all-day event at the Manhattan Center to introduce its brand ambassadors which include Ke$ha who will represent Baby-G’s women’s watches. Stylistically, Casio is aligning Baby-G with the revival of Eighties fashion and Ke$ha suited the role with her edgy party-girl image.

Ke$ha has also signed to design two watches, which will appear in the advertising campaign launching for fall and the first which will be launched next summer.

Among Casio’s newest ambassadors, there’s also Khloe Kardashian’s husband, Lamar Odom, who will represent Ultimate Tough GX56, which features the largest case design in G-Shock history. The solar-powered watch also feature a new triple-density and triple-layer structure to increase its shock resistance. Odom also hinted that he and wife, Khloe, will release a unisex perfume next year.

Here are our picks of Casio’s Baby-G and G-Shock for you:

Baby-G Lady G Figure Set, $150

Baby-G Square Vivid Combi Watch, $110

Baby-G Gradiation Watch in Yellow, $122

Beyonce to Launch Second Fragrance: Heat Ultimate Elixir


It’s only been months since her debut in the fragrance world with “Heat”, and now Beyonce Knowles is in full gear to launch her second fragrance. This coming September, the singer is set to launch “Beyonce Heat Ultimate Elixir”. If her previous scent was meant to introduce her fierce personality in the form of a fragrance, then the Heat Ultimate Elixir is aimed to expose Beyonce’s more private side… which in our judgement is surprisingly a LOT sexier and feminine compared to her Sasha Fierce outer-package.

Heat Ultimate Elixir is a mix of spicy-floral Red Vanilla Orchid and Osmanthus petals with Cedarwood and Amber plus Vanilla and Tonka bean. The package sends a retro aura with a built-in atomizer, perfect for the super-feminine woman. The air is thick and the uber-sexiness is there for you to indulge yourself in. Asked why she finally joined the celebrity fragrance bandwagon, Beyonce answered:

“I think about the icons that I respect and they all have their own fragrance so I thought it was time for me to have my own.”

Well, girl does earn her stardom, and if fragrances come with the package, then we wish her the very best. Somehow we sense she’ll be taking J.Lo anytime soon. Beyonce Heat Ultimate Elixir will retail at $59 for 1.7 oz/50 ml, and will be available this September at department stores nationwide.

Meanwhile, get Beyonce’s “Heat” so you’ll smell fierce this summer, available at

Beyonce Heat Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz, $39.99

New Jewelry From Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers Line


Gwen Stefani has got to be one of our favorite celebrity designer ever.  She has a full-fledged fashion line ranging from apparel, shoes, handbags, cosmetics and earlier this year, she added jewelry to the Harajuku Lovers lineup.  It’s been a while since the last time we talked about Harajuku Lovers and this season, the jewelry line dropped new stuff that made us go mmm…

The designs of Harajuku Lovers jewelry are inspired by Gwen Stefani’s music and the Harajuku Angels surrounding her appearance.  Designer Samantha Bankle Schefman stated:

“The line has ended up being pieces for the fans that are kind of based around the girls and Gwen.  A lot of it’s based on what’s trendy and what’s selling, but we’re experimenting with all different materials. The first set is very rock chic. They’ll be very different looks. They’ll be cohesive but they’ll definitely transition for the seasons and our own inspirations.”

This summer, we figured you could use some colorful Harajuku Lovers touch in your looks.  Get them now before the season ends! The collection is fully available at, and here are our favorites!

Harajuku Lovers Harajuku Girls Drop Earrings, $36

Harajuku Lovers Endless Summer Multirow Beaded Necklace, $154

Harajuku Lovers Endless Summer Chain Brown Brass Bracelet, $79

Justin Timberlake to Launch William Rast For Target


If you’ve been a fan of Justin Timberlake’s clothing line: William Rast, but think it’s a tad too pricey, well good news is coming your way now because Justin Timberlake will make William Rast more accessible for its fans.  How will it go?  JT is in the works with co-founder of William Rast, Trace Ayala, to launch a limited edition William Rast collection for Target this December. The William Rast for Target collection is guaranteed to be more affordable, and will be available from December 19, 2010 up to January 22, 2011. There’s no info yet about the prices, but we do know it’s gonna be hella lower than the current price points.

But you know, William Rast is one of those labels you simply can’t say no to because of its distinctive design and stylish air. Its signature mix of rocker attitude and laid-back appeal attracts fans from every part of the world, despite its designer price points. And while waiting for the Target line to drop, here are our picks from the current William Rast collection at

William Rast Drew Jean Jacket in Dusk, $195

William Rast Sienna Legging in Route 66, $155

William Rast Big Plaid Short Sleeve Shirt in White Nautical Blue Plaid, $95

Ivanka Trump To Launch Bags and Shoe Line


Ivanka Trump has been known for her DNA, but the girl is more than just a rich offspring of a very prominent man.  The daughter of Donald Trump is also known to be a successful businesswoman, specializing in fashion ventures.  After her successful jewelry line, Ivanka is now expanding her fashion invasion into shoes and bags. She wrote on her Twitter:

“Just concluded a meeting with my handbag partners. The bags looking amazing!’ll love them! The line will be in stores next March!”

Ivanka hasn’t revealed more about her handbag line, however WWD announced details of her upcoming footwear collection in collaboration with Marc Fisher Footwear. Ivanka’s vast collection will consist of 75 up to 100 styles which will include stilettos, flip-flops, sneakers and ballet flats. The shoes will be priced at $80 up to $140 and will be available at department stores real soon. Ivanka stated:

“There’s a great opportunity to position stylish, yet refined, shoes. What you tend to see are totally unwearable, over-the-top styles, or [looks that are] comfortable to the point of forgoing any appealing aesthetic. I’m going for the middle.”

Here are the sketches of Ivanka Trump’s shoe line. We like them, but do you?

Katy Perry To Launch First Signature Scent!


Katy Perry is undoubtedly having the time of her life these days. First, getting married to fiance, Russell Brand, launching a new album and now… she is entering the wonderful world of celebrity fragrances. It’s not just another load into the celeb-fragrance bandwagon, as Katy declared herself as a product junkie:

“I am a product whore. I am a consumer of a multitude of beauty products and I’m always looking for the next great thing that will make me into the young Elizabeth Taylor I would love to be. I must have about 100 products on my counter right now.”

Composing the right scent is almost competitive for Perry, the collector of 50 fragrances, and she told WWD:

“I saw a lot of my peers getting into this world, and, as with my music, I thought I could bring my touch to the category and make it competitive.”

Perry is also a fan of other celebs’ scents.

“I’m not embarrassed to say that I went out and bought [Beyoncé Knowles’ first scent] Heat and Kim Kardashian’s scent earlier this year. I’ve worn Clinique Happy, Ralph Lauren’s Romance and Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. My sense of smell is so important to me. A guy can walk into an elevator wearing Acqua di Gio, and I’m immediately like ‘You’re my first boyfriend.’ I want my fragrance to have that effect on people.”

As reported by WWD, Katy Perry’s scent, Purr has top notes of peach nectar, forbidden apple and green bamboo; a heart of jasmine blossom, pink freesia and Bulgarian rose, and a drydown of vanilla orchid, white amber, creamy sandalwood and musk. Purr will come in three sizes: 1 oz. for $36, 1.7 oz. for $45 and 3.4 oz. for $65. This coming holiday, there will also be an addition of body lotion and bubble bath.

Purr will be available at Nordstrom and in November 2010.

Betty White Launches Clothing Line


That Saturday Night Live stint with Jay-Z does not only increase the ratings, it also landed a new comedy series “Hot in Cleveland” for 88 year-old Betty White. The senior actress / comedienne is linking arms with Jerry Leigh Apparel, a clothing manufacturer from Van Nuys, California.

If you think you’ll see frilly dresses and laces and classic flowery looks from Betty White’s line due to her age… think again. Here are some preview on what’s coming your way, right from the… er… hood.

The collection doesn’t only have trendy graphic design which makes it ‘street’ instead of ‘sweet’, and get this: the hoodies, targeted at the young digital generation, feature washable earbuds and a jack to pluginto iPods and MP3 players.

We have mixed feelings about Betty’s line here because it looks more like  fan art rather than a celebrity clothing line. While we’re trying so much not to hate it, we love the cause behind it. Portions of sales for the tees and hoodies will go to the Morris Animal Foundation, an animal health organization where Betty White serves as a trustee.

Okay we’ll spend $28 up to $48 to get the tees and hoodie. But we’ll only do it for the animals and because Betty White is such a darling.

Any thoughts?

Nicky Hilton’s Costume Jewelry


The subtler sister of the Hilton siblings, Nicky Hilton, is busy designing her own costume jewelry to be launched this Fall. Nicky’s design portfolio might not as thick as her sister, Paris’ party resume, but she indeed had made it to be a fashion insider. At the age of 17, Nicky Hilton started designing handbags for Japanese label, Samantha Thavasa. In 2004, she launched her first clothing line called Chic by Nicky Hilton, and now she’s continuing to move to untouched realms: jewelry.

Chad C. Haggar, CEO of Titan Brands, partnered up with Nicky Hilton and they delivered a high-quality jewelry line with reasonable prices. Nicky stated her fondness of jewelry:

“I’m a crazy jewelry collector. I’ve always known since I was a teenager that I wanted to do a line. Whenever I bought something, whether at a flea market in Paris or a bazaar in India, I’ve been collecting pieces.”

Nicky’s jewelry line consists of three collections: Art Deco -inspired by her mother and grandmother’s David Webb pieces, and Spike and Snakes, ranging from classic Deco to contemporary edgy. The wholesale price ranges from $35 up to $480. The collection will be available at later this year.

Britney Spears To Launch “Radiance”


Pop sensation Britney Spears is clawing her way into the fashion world slowly but steadily.  This year she made it as a Candies designer, and just 7 months running, she’s already announced a new signature scent.  Britney Spears and perfumer Elizabeth Arden are joining forces again to release her newest fragrance “Radiance”. This will be Britney’s 9th fragrance to hit the market, and anticipation is said to be running high.

The singer is known for her magic touch when it comes to fragrances, proving her creations to be Elizabeth Arden’s highest-grossing celebrity fragrances. This time, Britney puts her ultra-feminine taste to work. Radiance contains wild berries and soft dewy petals as its top notes, also tuberose, jasmine, orange flower and iris. If you need a reference, remember Brit’s “Curious” fragrance? Radiance bears a similar light musk scent to Curious.

The new fragrance will be available in a 50ml and 100ml sizes, each priced at $63 and $78. Look out for Radiance at The Bay, Sears and other stores next September.  Check the teaser ad.

Lady Gaga To Design Sunglasses


The epitome of weirdness and all things good, also pop sensation, Lady Gaga, is rumored to design some kick-ass glasses! Oh finally a touch of Gaga-ness in the real fashion world. Remember her stint where she rocked a sport sunglasses made from rows of lit cigarettes in the “Telephone” clip? Well, not that we think it’s going to be that crazy, but this did cross our minds when we heard that Lady Gaga is linking arms with London-based sunglasses brand, Linda Farrow.

The 40 year-old label has launched a sunglasses line designed by singer Róisín Murphy recently, and adding Gaga to the lineup of celeb-designed sunglasses would be a fresh move for the brand. Linda Farrow has collaborated with the likes of Alexander Wang, Matthew Williamson and Dries Van Noten. We’ll be waiting for the confirmation on this, but tell us… will you buy Lady Gaga’s Sunglasses?