Reebok Classics X Swizz Beatz Launched “Reethym of Lite” Campaign

Producer/Rapper Swizz Beatz is known for is creative knack and his collaboration with Reebok Classics is still on the roll. Reebok and Swizzy launched their biggest joint project to date: the 2011 Reethym of Lite campaign, last week, celebrating the new Reebok Lite footwear and apparel collection (iconic Reebok styles with cutting-edge technology) through Swizz’s interpretation of the Reethym of Lite.

Swizz Beatz stated:

“The Reethym of Lite campaign connects people to something they hear on the radio, see on the TV, enjoy at a party – and also see as a commercial during their favorite show. For me, the Reethym of Lite is an “International Party” – it connects the sneakers being light, the rhythm of dance, music, art and style and the rhythm of the people, the fact that everyone should have light in their life. Reebok and Swizz are taking Reebok Lite and the Reethym of Lite global.”

Swizz Beatz was appointed by Reebok Classics as creative director for this campaign, to redefine the traditional definition of the ‘artist-brand collaboration’. Swizz poured his musical vision of the campaign in the “International Party” music video in which he collaborated with famed music video director, Chris Robinson. About the video, Swizz commented:

“When I finished the record I knew it was a perfect fit for the campaign – it just felt right.”

The video involved choreographer Hi-Hat and laser light artist Eliav Kadosh.

About the campaign, Head of Classics for Reebok, Todd Krinsky, said:

“Over the past year, we’ve really focused our efforts to create great products that sit at the intersection of life, sport and style. In our Classic Lite collection, we’ve updated iconic Reebok styles with materials, colors and styling details that appeal to people who live their lives at the intersection of dance, art, street culture and sport – and it’s these people who we wanted to celebrate in the Reethym of Lite campaign. Swizz understands where we want to take the brand, and with this campaign, we’re on our way to success.”

The Reethym of Lite TV spot premiered July 21st, 2011 on For you, CCL readers, here’s our Reebok pick of the day:

Reebok RealFlex Run W, $90

That’s Rocawear And These Are Our Editor’s Picks!

Summer is here and our friends at Rocawear launched the brand’s newest campaign now, bringing Rocawear closer to the masses.  Great news for us, Ladies, because if you’ve been thinking that Rocawear is a total urban and hip hop clothing brand, this year it’s moving closer to the mainstream.

Jay-Z, owner of Rocawear stated:

“We are a great American brand. We don’t envision ourselves as an urban brand or streetwear brand. We wanted to show people how we’ve evolved and repositioned ourselves, without abandoning our original DNA.”

Rocawear taps artists, musicians, poets and a troupe of fleet-footed double-dutch jumpers to show the brand’s evolution. Regarding the culture that is not anymore segmented, Jay-Z stated:

“It’s all walks of life. When I played the Glastonbury music festival people said a hip-hop artist couldn’t play a rock festival. But culture isn’t segmented like that any more. There’s so much cross-pollinization and the same thing is true for clothes.”

And here are our editors’ picks from Rocawear to brighten up your summer days:

Forever Roc Romper, was $89, now $41.99

Forever Roc Romper, Plus Size, was $79, now $30.99

Celebrity Beverage Spotlight: Pharrell Offers “Qream” For Ladies!

Following his rapper friends, Pharrell Williams enters the liquor business and pertners up with one of the world’s largest spirits maker: Diageo. The rapper/producer is launching the drink titled “Qream with a Q”, a new ultra-premium cream liquor.

It’s not Pharrell if there’s no artistic touches involved, therefore apart from deciding the taste, he’s also designing the bottle. Pharrell will also serve as the brand’s cultural ambassador, who designs the marketing and advertising campaign. And Ladies, “Qream with a Q” is mixed just for you. Pharrell stated:

“Qream was created for contemporary women who work hard and want to relax with friends at the end of the day. I want them to reward themselves ‘deliciously. Women make up half the population and Qream is about celebrating that power. To work with Diageo in bringing something original like Qream and the notion of delicious living to market has been a thrill.”

The delicious new beverage will come in two flavors: Strawberry Qream and Peach Qream. Will it sell? Judging by Diageo’s ongoing 50-50 collaboration with Sean “Diddy” Combs on Ciroc, it’s obvious that the beverage giant is not playing games. The brand chose Pharrell for a reason. Anna MacDonald, Director of Liqueurs Marketing at Diageo stated:

“Williams’ ability to interpret and deliver memorable experiences has the potential to allow Qream to become synonymous with women celebrating life with style, class and quality. We expect Pharrell Williams’ unique perspective, coupled with his alliance with Diageo, will help Qream set a new standard as the beverage women choose to honor themselves and their accomplishments.”

Do you want to try out Pharrell’s “Qream with a Q?”

Friday Fashion Giveaway: SYC FUK

Friday is giveaway day and this time, we’re calling out to you, hot and smokin’ ladies who likes the rock star look.  CCL talked to Bucky Bakes and here’s the 411 on the brand called appropriately: SYC FUK.

Tell us about your clothing line
SYC FUK by BUCKY BAKES is a label for self-confessed style addicts. SYC FUK stands for Street Youth Couture From Unwanted Kids and Bucky Bakes’ clothing is the embodiment Hollywood rock star cool. The collection includes truly unique designs of Men’s and Women’s hoodies, tees, flannels, mini dresses, jackets, and vests with eye-catching must have one-of-a-kind extreme detailing.

SYC FUK has become a favorite of Hollywood’s elite celebrities and rock stars including Charlie Sheen, Holly Madison, Angel Porrino, Escape The Fate, The Scorpions, Papa Roach and Buckcherry. SYC FUK pieces seem to be the rebel anti-label of choice.
Bucky recently collaborated with Holly Madison from “E! Girls Next Door” and most recently star of “Peep Show” and “E! Holly’s World” on the ultra sexy all girls SYC LUV line of hoodies, tees and accessories.

SYC FUK and SYC LUV is an all American-made luxury brand that has street style, a bit of glam & a whole lot of rock.

Which SYC FUK items are the best sellers so far?
I made a pair of boots called SKULL and BOWS for Angel Porrino who stars on Holly’s World on E! Those boots were quite a hit. One of our best sellers from our Women’s line is definitely the Pretty In Pink Hoodie. I consider this piece a classic with the super faux fur hood and pink ultra suede skull on back. And our number one best sellers from our Men’s line is the Kill The Weak Tshirt.

What kind of style do you recommend this summer?
I recommend PUNK ROCK style. And by PUNK ROCK style, I mean BE YOURSELF. Don’t follow the trend, BE THE TREND and break all fashion rules !!!

Which celebrity embodies your line’s spirit? Any endorsement so far?
Right now we are doing an all girls line called SYC LUV with Holly Madison. She is the “SYC LUV Girl” She is girlie, sexy and edgy. You can watch her show Holly’s World on E! and see her and her girls rocking SYC LUV gear. There are lots of rock bands who are rocking SYC FUK gear in videos and on tours. There’s a cool video out now called Gorgeous Nightmare by Escape The Fate.

What are the 3 fashion must-haves for girls? Why?
1. Comfortable pair of shoes (like our Skulls and Bows boots) 2. Your favorite hoodie 3. Your best SYC FUKiiiN friends by your side !!!

If you’re going international, which country will we see SYC FUK first? And why?
Japan. I LUV Japan !!! We have been selling select custom pieces in Japan for many famous celebrities. You can also find SYC FUK in select high-end boutiques. Japan has much respect for Los Angeles Designers and SYC FUK has much LUV for Japan.

Check more SYC FUK and SYC LUV on, get notified for the brand’s new products via Facebook and stalk them on Twitter!

Fabulous CCL Ladies, ONE of you can win a SYC FUK package, valued at  $200 full of SYC LUV tanks and t-shirts package, delivered to your doorstep if you’d just answer this question:

What’s the name of the SYC FUK boots made for Angel Porrino who stars on Holly’s World?

Contest Rules:

1. You can give your answer from July 15th, 2011 through July 31st, 2011. Make sure that when you comment you provide a link of where we can contact you (like your Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.). It makes life easier to be able to contact you should you win.
2. Drawing for 1 WINNER will be held on August 1st, 2011. The winners will be announced on this page.

Article Comments Lottery Rules

* One package per winner

* Previous winners must wait 30 days before entering this contest

* Duplicate comments will not count, like posting “I love this forum” or “hi” 50 times.

* Garbage or nonsensical keyboard-pounding comments will not count, like “awr#$ASFasdfkl”

* Comments hating on other people will definitely NOT count.

* US Residents only

For more Syc Fuk, check the gallery below and gentlemen, if you’re reading this and want some free Syc Fuk gears of your own, head on to where they’re also giving away Syc Fuk items for men!

HELPS Teas Giveaway For You, Fabulous Ladies!

Calling all fabulous Ladies everywhere! If you come here often, you must know a thing or two about fashion. However, before you think of what to wear, you have to make sure you’re healthy. Enter HELPS Teas, which will make you glow from the inside. talks to Iban Abou from HELPS Teas to find out what the beverage is all about:

What is HELPS Tea and why is it important for fabulous women everywhere?
Helps Teas is a functional line of tea made with the highest quality all natural herbs.
These herbal teas bring the best part of each plant together, maintaining its quality, purity and freshness, as they contain no added colorings or preservatives. HELPS Teas for overall good health and wellness.

Which kind of HELPS Tea is essential for a woman’s beauty?
No doubt, that will be the Organic green Tea.
This tea may help you feel better both inside and out thanks to its antioxidant properties which neutralize the effects of free radicals. And may also help to keep your skin looking young.

What’s the perfect way to incorporate HELPS tea to our diet?
Helps Teas have many different lines and depending on which Helps Tea you are thinking of, will be a different way of consuming it to get better results. Now, that we are approaching the summer I enjoy my green tea with ice, any time I am feeling thirsty.

Any celebrity who drink and or loves HELPS Tea too?
There are tons of A-list celebrities that drink HELPS Teas from actresses and actors, athletes to musicians.

Okay, this is the question from ALL women in the world: which HELPS tea do you recommend for us to overcome period cramps, mood swings and bloated stomach?
For this matter, I will recommend to try Helps Teas Just for Her. Just for her is a combination of organic sage, organic lemon balm and alfalfa that will help you feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to go. It may help you deal with all the above mentioned. I’ve heard from our female HELPS Teas drinkers that they also like the Organic easy digestion too.

Is there any variety of HELPS tea that can help us relax after a LONG day at work?
After a long day of work the best way to relax and have some rest is to enjoy a warm cup of Helps Organic R&R.
R&R stands for Rest and Relax and this tea will help you do just that.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

If you want to know more and purchase HELPS Teas, check the website at Or, you can just scroll down and try to win our giveaway!


HELPS TEAS will give TWO packages of HELPS Teas for TWO winners (one package each) if you can answer the question below:

Which variant of HELPS Teas is recommended to help us unwind after a busy day at work?

Contest Rules:

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2. Drawing for 2 WINNERS will be held on July 26th, 2011. The winners will be announced on this page.

Article Comments Lottery Rules

* One package per winner

* Previous winners must wait 30 days before entering this contest

* Duplicate comments will not count, like posting “I love this forum” or “hi” 50 times.

* Garbage or nonsensical keyboard-pounding comments will not count, like “awr#$ASFasdfkl”

* Comments hating on other people will definitely NOT count.

* US Residents only

Mariah Carey to Launch Lollipop Bling: The Remix!

After giving birth to her twins, Mariah Carey is back again with her fragrance business. Her last fragrance, Lollipop Bling was a great success and now, Mariah is releasing the remix version of the sweet scents. It’s called Lollipop Splash the Remix, which contains three fragrances, all titled after Mariah songs. There’s “Inseparable” which contains the sweet scents of raspberry, mango, jasmine and orange flowers; “Never Forget You” which has gourmet jelly beans and golden peony notes. and of course, “Vision of Love” which is inspired by French macaroon and purple jasmine.

The fragrances will be available in July and will be priced at $35 each. Perfumer Marypierre Julien stated:

“To create Mariah Carey’s Lollipop Splash the Remix, we worked with Mariah and used her music as an inspiration to craft scents that are like floral melodies”

Sinci it’s still a few days away from the launch, here’s an idea: why not get the Lollipop Bling Gumball Machine Gift Pack for your loved ones with summer birthdays? The pack contains three scents and the gumball machine-shaped packaging is beyond cute! Here’s how it looks like:

Mariah Carey’s Lollipop Bling Gumball Machine Gift Set ($105 value)

Beyoncé‘s New Fragrance Coming Up!

If you’ve been following Beyoncé’s venture in the fragrance business, you won’t be surprised if after Heat and Heat Rush, the singer will release a follow-up product.  Beyoncé’s newest fragrance, still in collaboration with fragrance giant, Coty, is called “Pulse”.

Beyoncé stated:

“Pulse is a fragrance you can wear all the time. I love the idea of a signature scent that lets a woman leave her mark wherever she goes, so I always try to make my scents appropriate for any occasion.”

The bottle cap is inspired by Beyoncé’s show costumes. Beyoncé commented:

“I love [that] because it incorporates fashion into the overall design.”

Pulse will be released to the market on September, but while waiting, you can get Beyoncé’s Heat and Heat Rush fragrance at

Angelina Jolie Poses For Louis Vouitton: Sans Make-Up!

When other superstars compete to get the best hairdo, best make-up and wardrobe, Angelina Jolie is swimming against the current, modeling for one of the world’s biggest fashion powerhouse: Louis Vuitton.

The photo session for Louis Vuitton’s “Core Values” Campaign took place in Cambodia’s Siem Reap province. Shot by famed photographer, Annie Leibovitz, Jolie posed bare-faced, natural hair and toted her own Louis Vuitton Alto carry-all.

Pietro Beccari, Vouitton’s executive vice president, unveiled the image to WWD and stated:

“People are not used to seeing Angelina in this situation. I like the fact that it’s a real moment. This travel message we give through personal journeys is a fundamental one for the brand.”

Although it’s not disclosed how much Jolie gets for the photoshoot, it is said that Jolie donated an uncisclosed portion of her fees to a charity.

The Louis Vuitton Core Values campaign is expected to run for at least 18 months with other recent core values personalities including Bono and Sean Connery. The Core Values campaign was fiurst introduced to the public in 2007, reminding the public about the brand’s travel roots and showcase its perennial monogrammed leather goods as a balance to its trendy and fashion-driven marketing, and to reach broader audience.

You can check out the new Louis Vuitton Core Values campaign starting Wednesday, June 15th, 2011. Expect to see a teaser on its Website: There will also be an exclusive interview with Jolie later this month, where she will discuss her visit to Cambodia, and how it changes her life.

About Jolie’s bag that she wore in the photoshoot, the Alto carryall, it’s six years of age and no longer in production. But if you’re drooling over it, don’t worry, Beccari made sure that Louis Vouitton is considering to re-edit the collection.

Top Five Celebrity Fashion Brands For Hip Mommies!

Celebrity clothing lines are often perceived to cater only to the young audience.  Well, what the fashion experts forget is: among the young, there are hip mommies and they deserve to look great while still comfortable enough to go through the daily momyhood life. gather all of our favorite celebrity designers and finally come up with the top five Celebrity fashion designers that suits the young and hip mothers this summer.  In random order, here we go:

1.  Ivanka Trump
The mommy-t0-be herself has been designing accessories for women since she wasn’t even married.  However, you can see how Ivanka’s designs are always fresh, young and yet still classy.  This summer, young mommies everywhere will just look dashing with this Garnet Shopper bag, designed for those fun days with your little ones.

2.  Jessica Simpson
She might not be a mommy yet, but Jessica Simpson sure knows how a woman should look like and feel.  Colorful, feminine and stylish, Jessica Simpson offers mommies a range of comfortable summer dresses, including maxi ones which will enhance your elegance.  Check this Contrast Strap Maxi Dress to accompany your chic summer soirees.

Because Jessica Simpson also has a junior’s line, why not get your little girl something she’ll be fashionable with this summer?  A pair of Irina Sandals might do the trick as it goes everywhere and fits every summer ocassion.

3.  House of Harlow 1960
Nicole Richie is a mom of two and she looks very fashionable still.  Her secret?  Designing youthful accessories.  The good news: you don’t have to design like her, you can just wear Nicole’s designs to complete your look.  What to wear? We got a suggestion that will go with most of your summer wardrobe: House of Harlow 1960 Feather Necklace.

4.  Rocawear
Sometimes a mother with tons of activity needs a break.  And Rocawear understands how tiring a mother’s job can be.  However, no matter how laid back you look, you still need to look sexy.  Check this Out of Control Romper from Jay-Z’s lucrative clothing line, which not only cater to hot dads everywhere, but also making moms stay young.

5.  Baby Phat
The spirit of the brand’s founder, mother of two/reality show star/supermodel Kimora Lee Simmons is still apparent in Baby Phat’s designs.  Who can understand moms more than a fabulous mom herself?  This summer, get into the maxi dress craze and don’t be afraid to show off those curves.

Queen Latifah To Launch Fashion Line on HSN

Finally she launches her clothing line. We love the fact that Queen Latifah has finally decided to join the celebrity clothing line flock. Latifah joined up with the Home Shopping Network (HSN) and adding a fashion line titled “The Queen Collection” into her resume.

The line will include clothing and accessories for women of all sizes, from size 2 to 24. Latifah said launching the fashion line is a full-circle moment for her.

“I’m so excited about it. This is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. I’ve been offered a lot of deals for clothing lines and actually started one that didn’t quite get off the ground but this is like a full circle moment for me.”

Formerly known as Dana Owens, Latifah explained that The Queen Collection actually fulfills her teenage dream.

“This is a young 14-year old, 17-year old and 22-year old Dana trying to go shopping and actually finding the things she wants to wear or going on HSN and ordering the clothes she likes because they’re there and they are in her size. This has been a bit of a journey and it’s a really exciting venture.”

Out of all the items that will be launched, Queen Latifah is most excited about the bag collection.

“I think the bag line is going to be really good. It’s versatile so it’s not going to look like the same bag from one collection to the next. There’s something for everyone. I definitely want to be able to rock my bag. I figured, if I can rock it, why shouldn’t other people be able to?”

Check this leaked picture of one of the upcoming bag:

You like? Stand by for the launch of The Queen’s Collection on HSN on August 27th, 2011. We’ll keep you updated!