CelebrityClothingLine.com is focused on the tightly knit world of celebrities and fashion – you can’t have one without the other. We feature breaking news, latest celebrity trends, “as seen on” critiques and brand launches.

Our loyal audience keeps coming back because they are able to get their daily fix of celebrity, gossip, and fashion inspiration from the world of the rich and famous. Readers are looking for ideas to update their wardrobe and are predisposed to online shopping and impulse purchases.

We feature exclusive stories, guest bloggers, videos, interviews, and more to whet the viewer’s appetite and to create an irresistible call to action for the fashion-conscious consumer.

• 150,000+ visitors monthly
• 210,000+ pageviews monthly

Audience Statistics
Gender: 62% Female
Young Adult: 35% Age range 18-34
Educated: 56% college or post-college degrees

Why do they come to Celebrity Clothing Line?
• To discover the latest in celebrity fashion and purchasing trends
• To research where to buy the current season’s “it” items
• To find out what their favorite celebrity is wearing right now
• To read about the latest celeb-sponsored apparel, fragrance or footwear brand

Celebrity Clothing Line has been featured in:
ABC News
Digg.com’s frontpage

How to Advertise

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